25 March 2011

Training 25 March

That's the path today. At present, I'm running half the distance of my training programme, and then turning around and coming back. Within a week or two, I'm probably going to start continuing on to make a circuit around as my halfway point nears 5 kilometres. According to my CardioTrainer programme, I ran 7.2 km in an hour for a pace of, well, 7.2 km per hour. That includes about 14 minutes of walking for warming up and cooling down.

Here's the view across the river:

That's Brentford, just south of the entrance to the Grand Canal. It's a large complex of flats.

Further back toward the beginning is this view:

Some of the notes from the run:

The bluebells are out, and I must have missed it on Monday when I was out. A whole bunch of bluebells. Very pretty, but I missed them again on the way back. I need to look up and around more.

The fellow who sleeps along the river was packing his tent up today as I went past. I've seen the tent on many mornings, but had not seen him before. It's a lot of work not having a permanent home. I was grateful again that my path has gone the way it has.

Seeing a keg in the small canal that runs alongside the Thames here brought to mind this song:

A fellow runner nearly ran me down. I was looking down (see above), and glanced up just in time to see this inches from me. I stepped aside and could feel the breeze as he shot past, looking focused. A little annoyed at his apparent unwillingness to vary his path even noticing that I wasn't looking, I was also impressed by how fast he went.

Musing along the way (that will make their way here soon): competition is often an expression of my worst self, and I can tell I'm in a happier place when I'm cheering rather than criticising. There's more to that story. Check back soon for the rest of it.

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