2 April 2011

2 April Training

Here's the place on the path, just over 4 km into the run:

Basic stats: 8.1 km, 1 hour 6 minutes, pace 7.4 kph. My longest training session so far, furthest travelled in a session. 7 minutes fast pace, 1 minute recovery, plus walking to warm up and cool down.

Lots of people are out on a Saturday along the river. Plenty of runners of every variety. I have to admit my favourites are the ones who make eye contact and smile in greeting. I get focussed and appreciate their dedication, but like the smiling recognition of fellow travellers. Even a grunted 'morning' works. Lots of bike riders, too, some who don't quite understand sharing the road, but nevermind. No one knocked me down, and that's a plus.

Herons have been busy the last few times I was out. I've seen several peering into the low tide on the river, two or three in flight, and one carrying a twig, doubtless for a new or repaired nest. I don't know if I like them or the little seed-eater birds that dart across the path sometimes. Here's the river at low tide where I turned around:

Monday I move to the next interval set of 8 minutes fast intervals and 1 minute recovery. This may well take me to the point where I can make a circuit rather than turning around, and I'll be approaching going a full 10 km during my training. Then it'll be a matter of increasing my speed and consistent running. Less than 2 months to go. I'm feeling optimistic, if not confident.

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