17 April 2007

This and that

We're still getting back on our feet after being gone to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (the GA), and still have Claire at home on her term break, so I can't catch up too much, but wanted to put on a couple of observations from today:

Overheard on the bus

An older man got on with us carrying a couple of bags, one of which had a bouquet of flowers. An woman around his age got on a few stops later and greeted him warmly.

Woman: Oh, lovely flowers, are you going to visit someone?
Man: I'm to the cemetery to visit my wife, thank you. (Said with a great deal of love in his voice, and a smile on his face.)

Observed at the Cafe at the Zoo

England is starting to have the same sorts of obesity problems that are showing up in the US. Here's an example of why:

Lunch for three children:

2 plates of chips (fries, in the US)
1 plate of chips and beans
3 pieces of cheese pizza.


I'll have another post up with reflections from the AGM and more news about how our gardens grow!

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Patti said...

Hi Linda,

I'm following your blog and invite you to read my live journal at http//:patti-logan.livejounal.com

Also, what do you think of the idea of All Souls being a Sister Church to the one you are pastoring? We were wondering if it would be a good match, with you rather in the middle there? Love you, Patti